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Registration process

External users

In order to provide you access to PAL you will need to have access to Philips systems. To do this we need to set you up with a Code1 and Safenet account.

Important - Please Read: Safenet is the system we use to authenticate you each time you need to access the Philips network, it does this by sending a login code to your mobile phone. Please ensure you give us accurate details of your mobile phone number in the form.

Below are the steps to organize this:

  1. Fill out this form to request a Philips Partner Account
  2. A Philips Partner Account must have approval from your Philips Business Contact. We'll reach out to them.
  3. After approval, the Operational team will configure your account and you will receive a system generated mail with instructions on how to activate your account.
  4. Once you have activated your account, youll be able to login to Philips but we will still need to assign you the correct user rights in PAL. You will be prompted to the form for this, by accessing again and clicking on 'Philips / Registered PAL user' button. Please fill out and submit this form.
  5. After the team configures the correct credentials in PAL, they will notify you and you will be able to use PAL.

Philips users

  1. As a Philips employee you don't need to request access here. Go back to the main screen and click: 'Philips / Registered PAL user'. There you can self-register for generic download rights in PAL.