Request PAL account
Welcome to PAL,

If you are a Philips employee you can access PAL already with viewing rights (go back to PAL homepage). If you need additional rights, please click here to request these additional rights.

If you are a Philips partner your Philips counterpart will need to arrange access on your behalf.

The steps are as follows -

  • Your Philips counterpart can raise a ticket to Digital Services via SNOW requesting an Philips Partner account for you.
    • Digital Services will then reach out to you and your counterpart confirming Philips Partner account creation.
    • You will need to follow the steps as per guidance via mail from Philips.
  • Once these steps are followed, your Philips Partner account will be activated.
  • Next step is to connect your Partner account to PAL access.
    • You can now yourself create a request at Digital Services via SNOW to create your PAL access.